Short Bio

Nikolai Dimchevski, Portrait

Nikolai Dimchevski was born in Rousse, Bulgaria in 1983. He’s been painting since 2005 and till now he has more than 15 exhibitions. He’s been taking part in lots of performances, workshops, music projects. His paintings are in private collections in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Romania, Greece, Norway, Russia.

Memorable Appearances:

Giraffes in the Evening, Twiga Club, Sofia, curator: Lyuben Dilov – Junior

The Thing We Do Not Have, exhibition, Loran Gallery, Sofia
At the Edge of the Sea – joint exhibition with Rosen Markovski, Gaya Gallery, Sofia
Sea Stories, joint exhibition with Rosen Markovski and Milen Marinov, Le Papillon Gallery, Varna
Exhibition, Underground Gallery, Sofia

Krapets Exhibition, Antrakt Gallery, Sofia

The Exhibition, Snejana Gallery, Sofia

Pironessa Art Gallery, Plovdiv



  • Gaya Gallery
  • Loran Gallery
  • Snejana Gallery
  • Astry Gallery
  • Le Papillon Gallery
  • Cavalet Gallery
  • Rosen Markovski Gallery
  • Pagane Gallery
  • A&B Gallery
  • AlterEgo - Ahtopol Gallery
  • Contrast Gallery
  • Клуб Maze
  • Wedding Photographer Svilen Dimchevski